The ending………

At the end of the day you are you own person. You make your own decisions, you have your own perspective on what the true definition of happiness really is.You must always remember that’s no one can take always you happiness. Your happiness is bound to be different than others. It make trial and error to find it. Just I did for example I always thought that happiness came with the luxury we had. And yes at the moment it was the best thing ever, but soon I became bored. Then it hit me my happiness was always with me, daily. You will have to through a long process. A great tip I can give to you is that “nothing is impossible, don’t give up on something your heart tells you to give up on”. You matter as well as your happiness.

What did you see today ?

How was your day ? Did you see happy people? Did you notice those who only focus of material things, even those that don’t even bother being happy? I myself can definitely say that I see them everyday. Sometimes I wish that I can have just a few words with them to help them understand how important it is to be happy. You should not only be happy with yourself as well as your surroundings.

Late night thought…….

Imagine if everyone in the world was happy? Do you realize what that means? It means no violence. No war. No misunderstanding. We’d live in a world where we’d actually want to live in. Kids would be able to go to the store without fear that someone going to steal them. Being happy distracts you from all the cruelty. Everyone happy. You can only imagine because everyday we are faced with these struggles. The innocent dying young just because they feel worth less, they believe that they don’t have an impact in the world. When that’s by far true.

Am I happy ?

That’s a question that most of use teenagers never ask ourselves or simply just haven’t gotten asked? In reality I can name you a million reasons why life is great! I have the most supporting family. The family that has taught me right from wrong. I have amazing friends. I make sure too keep my circle small because what the point on having a big group when you can never know who to trust! So am I happy ? Yes, I am. Is this happinessgoing to last forever, probably not but that doesn’t mean it won’t come back!

Wise Words !

Something that I have learned is that the comparison is that a rich man with tons of of money compared to a poor man with very little. The poor man turns out to be the happiest. Think about that ,maybe that will give a better perspective on the goal towards the future. Is money all you truly want??

The reasons for my happiness

As a young child I was never the type of person to be happy with material things, I am not a materialistic person. Yes, having things may feel so good but will those things be with you when life seems to be going down hill. Will they be the ones cheering you on to never give up, or will they even praise you for your good deeds. Although many of you may disagree with me. I have a mind that with family or your true friends I am set to have  happy future.